The Making of MTN KDS RSS

Why launch a website not even close to complete??

Six months ago I had a couple baseball hats, beanies, and shirts made that I could wear myself. Again, I really love the idea of MTN KDS  and that is the sole reason I am building this company. I wanted something to wear and help illustrate the company. I started posting pictures to my personal Instagram where I would happen to be wearing a hat or shirt. Then I would occasionally get direct messages from people asking where they could purchase some clothes and if I had a website. This was during the peak of COVID-19 in spring/summer. I didn't really feel confident putting money into the business at the time due to all the uncertainty. There were a lot of question marks....

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Where did the idea for MTN KDS come from?

 The idea for this company started about 4 years ago when I was a junior in college. I was on spring break road tripping through the beautiful state of Utah when my sister and I noticed an abbreviation for Kids (KDS) on a license plate. I thought wow that is a neat way to spell words by taking out the vowels. We happened to be driving through some breath taking rock formations. I remembered back to the times I would drive through the Rockies as a child and the mountains would look so majestic, like another planet. In those times anything was possible and your imagination ran wild. Thus MTN KDS was born. I returned from spring break to my...

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