Where did the idea for MTN KDS come from?

 The idea for this company started about 4 years ago when I was a junior in college. I was on spring break road tripping through the beautiful state of Utah when my sister and I noticed an abbreviation for Kids (KDS) on a license plate. I thought wow that is a neat way to spell words by taking out the vowels. We happened to be driving through some breath taking rock formations.

I remembered back to the times I would drive through the Rockies as a child and the mountains would look so majestic, like another planet. In those times anything was possible and your imagination ran wild. Thus MTN KDS was born. I returned from spring break to my D3 college in Indiana where I was brain storming the idea in my University Center computer lab on and off for the next month. Unfortunately I didn't have much time or resources to put into this blossoming idea. Instead, I decided to focus on graduating and finding my first job to support myself after college.

Now here I am freshly moved to Denver exactly one year ago today. Wow, its actually been a year since I moved to Denver on November 17th, 2019. To the locals that might be reading this, I sincerely apologize for moving to your beautiful state (If you know you know). Living so close to the mountains has reenergized my drive to push this from an idea to the start up phase. I now have a background in videography/photography/content, Graphic Design Friends, and an abundance of knowledge from failed past business ideas (About 3). They weren't complete failures, but timing and resources are everything. Needless to say, I have too many ideas in my head.

Like most businesses I am starting with an idea and a logo. Ready to launch my reenergized passion. What exactly is that passion? I'm not too sure yet. I decided to do this business because its an idea that is special to me. I like the brand/idea and I will slowly build upon it as a side hobby. The difference with this business compared to my past learning experiences is if no one likes what I have to offer, then I will still be happy with what I have created for myself. If others like MTN KDS then that with just be the cherry on top.