Why launch a website not even close to complete??

Six months ago I had a couple baseball hats, beanies, and shirts made that I could wear myself. Again, I really love the idea of MTN KDS  and that is the sole reason I am building this company. I wanted something to wear and help illustrate the company. I started posting pictures to my personal Instagram where I would happen to be wearing a hat or shirt.

Then I would occasionally get direct messages from people asking where they could purchase some clothes and if I had a website. This was during the peak of COVID-19 in spring/summer. I didn't really feel confident putting money into the business at the time due to all the uncertainty. There were a lot of question marks. Like if I would still be employed and if customers would even have money to buy products that aren't a necessity. Plus, I wasn't even close to having the content, inventory, or base website to sell anything.

Now I am in a place where my job is stable for the most part. I have built up a small inventory to share with my first customers. I finished the base of my e-commerce website to be able to start raising some money through selling clothing.

Here is the answer to the question at the top of this blog. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that waiting until everything is "perfect" costs a lot of Benjamin's. Not bringing in any revenue until the "perfect" moment is nearly impossible without investors. I want to grow this business purely off the initial investment I put in and have the sales build upon themselves. Is this the fastest way to grow a business? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The good thing is I am not in a hurry and anything worth while in life takes patience.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far,

Jeffrey Bowman