Volunteers/Donations Needed, Dec 18th

We will be handing out presents to those in need on the streets.

About this experience

EVERYONE deserves a Christmas or at least a present to unwrap, so let's bring some holiday cheer to our neighbors downtown! PLEASE read ENTIRE description before committing.


IMPORTANT: PLEASE Sign up for what you’re donating in form when RSVPing. Even if it's one pair of socks from dollar store or a $5 blanket from walmart, that's something. Please mark what you're bringing and how many as we will need to know how much wrapping paper others need to bring.


What we need: PRESENTS! For presents, think of anything warm! Hats, gloves, scarfs, blankets, socks, swearers, etc! (for used items you donate, please wash beforehand)


Where we will meet: My friend Sarah is opening up her home to bring donations on the 18th and be busy little elves and wrap these presents together as a group! There we can hang out, get to know each other, and wrap!!!


How are we distributing gifts: All volunteers please bring a backpack or a few (or if we can find big Santa Claus bags)  bc from the gathering place, we pack the bags with gifts and we'll head downtown and meet by Jesus Saves and hang out and hand out presents to our friends on the streets! Depending on how many presents and volunteers, we can spread out into groups. I usually just pop a squat on the curb with them and shoot the stuff with the group bc they are usually in groups but whatever is in your comfort zone. Remember they are ppl just like you and I with a heart too ❤️ that wants to be listened to.


*Must be at least 18 years old to attend*

**MTN KDS is not responsible for any accident or injury on hiking meet ups. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe and are hiking at your own risk. Know your own limitations.**


Your Host

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Abby Richards is the host of this event and the mastermind behind it! Thank you Abby!