Paddle Board & Kayaking, Aug 25th

This is a beautiful spot to do some water activities.

About this experience

On Wednesday August 25th we will paddling around one of my favorite reservoirs in Colorado. We will plan on everyone showing up around 5:45 PM. The drive is roughly 1 hour 15 mins from Denver. Parking and boat launch is free. Feel free to come hang out even if you don't have a paddle board. We can share the water crafts or sit on the shoreline & play cards. BYOB. We look forward to seeing you there! Make sure to leave your email as we will send out the exact trail and directions via email/Instagram the day before. Hike is subject to change/cancellation due to trail conditions/weather so be sure to check for an email the day before. DM us on Instagram with any questions.

*Must be at least 18 years old to attend**

**MTN KDS is not responsible for any accident or injury on hiking meet ups. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe and are hiking at your own risk. Know your own limitations.**

Your Host

Host image

Your host will be named Katrina!! I am currently out of town and she was nice enough to volunteer! Have fun!