MTN KDS Summer Camp, August 26th/27th

Come battle it out with your fellow campers at Yellow Barn Farm in Boulder for an Adult Summer Camp.

About this experience

The first ever MTN KDS Summer Camp is here! Below are the details of how the weekend would go.

There will be 120 people, 6 teams of 20. Red Team, Green Team, Orange Team, Blue Team, Pink Team, and Yellow Team. Still brainstorming the different field day games we will be doing and how they would all work with teams of 20. We will probably have games where everyone on the team participates and some games where you select a few to participate. We will try our best to accomodate teammate requests. After the games we will have live music and food for everyone!

Everyone will receive a MTN KDS T-shirt with their team color.

This is a one night camping trip. Bring your own camping gear. Sharing tents is recommended. Car pooling is also recommended.

Saturday Lunch/Dinner is included, Sunday Breakfast is included. Feel free to bring any snacks or drinks with you!

1) Please respect the farm we will be staying on! They were kind enough to allow us to use their land for this event and it took some convincing. Only go to areas marked on the map I will put in the group chat and don't go in any of the buildings on-site.


2) When arriving at Yellow Barn Farm we will have someone waiting to check you in, sign your activity waivers, and pass out shirts. Then you will be directed where to park. If you need help ask someone in a referee shirt.


2) Please bring enough water for yourself to last the day and a half we will be there. There is not a drinking water source for us to use. Worse comes to worse Boulder/Lyons is not far.


3) We want this to be competitive, but we will have 5-6 refs for the games. Absolutely no arguing with the referees. All the games are house rules, which all refs are aware of if you have any questions. In the end this is all for fun. Please good sportsmanship.


4) Make sure you are prepared to run, hop, dive jump, and sweat!


5) There are two porta potties on the property. Please do not go to the bathroom in the creek running through.


6) There is a small creek to cool off and rinse off after.


7) Please car pool if you can. We only have enough parking for about 65 cars.


8) This is going to be a very hot and tiring event! Please refrain from consuming any alcohol until after the competition portion.


9) Please make sure any food or snacks are not left unattended at camp or left out at night for wildlife purposes.


10) If you haven't joined the group chat for the weekend, here is the link.


You're invited to my new group 'MTN KDS Summer Camp' on GroupMe. Click here to join:


Saturday August 26th


Scoring System for each game. (1st Place 5 rings) (2nd place 3 rings) (3rd place 1 ring)


7:45 AM - 9:15 AM People Are Checking In/Arriving/setting up tents

9:30 AM - 15-minute group stretch

9:45 AM - Let the games begin/team intros

Game 1 - Big Group Hula Hoop Circle. First team to get the hula hoop around all their linked arms wins.

Game 2 - Spoon and egg walk.

Game 3 - Monkey in the Middle

Game 4 Relay - Three-Legged Race

Game 5 Relay - Monkeys in a Barrell

Game 6 Relay - Potatoe Sack Races

Game 7 Relay - Card Board Lava Walk

Game 8 Relay - Back-to-Back Balloon relay

Game 9 - Water Balloon Toss

Game 10 - Waterballoon Battleships


11:45ish- Lunch (Build Your Own Sandwich Bar)


1:00PM-4:00PM - Finish Games

Game 10 - Hop Scotch Rock Paper Scissors

Game 11 - Tug O War

Game 12 - Dodgeball as many games in 1 hour as possible. 2 teams play at a time. 10 people each team. 8-minute time limit. Tie Breaker 1v1 sudden death. Court gets smaller every 2 minutes.

Final Competition Game 13 - Capture the flag Tournament.


After Capture the flag, Crown The Championship Team.


Then chill, free play, happy hour, and hang out. Potential Fun Free Play Games:


125 person Musical Chairs, everyone brings a lawn chair.

Slip n Slide/flip cup


Sharks and Minnows

Friendship bracelet station


6:00 PM - Dinner (Pizza)

7:30 PM - 10:00 PM Silent Disco with DJ Peteski

After Dark - Camp Fire

After 11PM - Quiet Hours - Please Please be respectful of everyone else.


Sunday August 27th


Moonflower Coffee Trailer will arrive at 6:30 AM and have coffee for purchase

7:00 AM - 8:30 AM - Breakfast (Eggs, Pancakes, Hash Browns, and Sausage)

8:45 AM - 9:45 AM Yoga lead by instructor Elizabeth Amann

10 AM - 12 (Noon) - Relax, Pack up, and Head Out

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My name is Jeff.